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HECHT GG 3300 is a gasoline generator powered by a 3.5 HP four-stroke engine with a capacity of 208 cm3. An analog voltmeter has been placed on the generator panel, two classic sockets for devices powered by 230 V / 50 Hz, equipped with safe earthing. Both sockets are protected by an overload switch. There is also a 12 V socket on the panel for connecting 12 V devices, which can also be used to charge some types of 12 V batteries. The socket does not have charge regulation, so you should constantly monitor battery charge status and disconnect it when fully charged. The 12 V socket is also equipped with an overload fuse.

The rated power of the generator is 2600 W, and the maximum power of the generator is 3000 W.

The generator has rubber feet mounted at the bottom of the frame to dampen the transmission of vibrations to the device. The frame is also used to easily carry the generator, the weight of which is 46.5 kg. The noise level produced by the generator is 96 dB.

The generator is equipped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) which prevents voltage fluctuations when the load changes.

The generator has a fuel tank with a capacity of 15 liters, which allows for about 15 hours of continuous operation without refilling the fuel. It is an ideal solution as a source of backup energy in the event of a power failure, as well as in places where electricity from the network is unavailable. The device can be used, for example, as an additional power source for circulation pumps, some boilers, etc.

The output voltages differ from conventional utility voltage. Therefore, before supplying power to particularly sensitive electrical devices (such as computers, TV sets, etc.), the manufacturer or supplier of the device should be consulted.
Technical data:

    Engine power according to SAE J1940 3.5 HP
    Engine capacity 208 cm3
    Weight 46.5 kg
    HECHT 4-stroke engine
    Electric starter No.
    AVR voltage regulator
    Voltmeter Yes
    Fuse Yes
    230V 2x socket
    12V socket
    1 15 l tank
    Noise level 96 dB
    3000 W maximum power
    Rated power 2600 W
    Maximum engine power 7 HP

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