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METABO Miter Saw KGS 18 LTX BL 305 CARCASS - Performance and Mobility

Exceptional Performance

The METABO KGS 18 LTX BL 305 CARCASS miter saw is a tool that combines exceptional performance with mobility. Powered by an 18 V battery, it is ready to cut various materials with precision and efficiency.

Great Cutting Capabilities

This saw offers a wide cutting range. The maximum cutting width is 305 mm when cutting at an angle of 90° and 215 mm at an angle of 45°. The maximum cutting depth is 110 mm at an angle of 90° and 67 mm at an angle of 45°. This tool is versatile and ready to deal with a variety of projects.

Table Adjustment and Tilt

The saw is equipped with a left/right rotary table adjustment in the range of 50/60 degrees and the ability to tilt the circular saw left/right up to 47 degrees. This allows you to precisely adapt the tool to the needs of a specific project.

Safe and Precise Cutting

The maximum cutting speed of 59 m/s and the high quality of the 305x30 Z56 disc ensure precise cutting of various materials. A length stop, a clamp for fixing the workpiece and a wrench for changing the circular saw guarantee safety and control during work.

Mobility and Storage

The set includes 2 integrated table extensions that increase the storage area and a chip bag. The saw is easy to carry and store.

Technical data:

Battery voltage 18 V
Storage area 345 x 770 mm
Idle speed 3700 /min
Weight without battery 17.4 kg


  • Circular saw "Cordless cut wood - classic", 305x30 Z56
  • 2 integrated table extensions
  • Length stop
  • Clamp for securing the workpiece
  • Wrench for replacing a circular saw
  • Chip bag

The METABO KGS 18 LTX BL 305 CARCASS miter saw is a tool that combines efficiency and precision in one. Perfect for work on construction sites and in carpentry workshops.



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