• 53cm 4in1 petrol lawn mower with 200cc HONDA drive

The Symbol : XSZ53H-SD HONDA200

53cm 4in1 petrol lawn mower with 200cc HONDA drive

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We present you a G-Force mower from GRASS.

The mower is equipped with a 200cc HONDA engine. Honda is recognized as a leader in the design and production of robust and technologically advanced 4-stroke gasoline engines. OHV overhead valve engines are light and economical with optimized fuel consumption.

Advantages of the GCV series:

    low weight: the use of modern materials from Formula 1 engines
    economy: lowest fuel consumption in its class
    power: the highest power obtained from the engine capacity
    ecology: meets all world standards
    increased engine life thanks to the use of aluminum sleeves
    excellent lawn mower engines

The XSZ 53 model is made of the best components, the mower body is about 1.8 mm thick, it is a PRO type body tucked inside. The main advantage of this type of tuck is stiffening the entire deck, and secondly important is better collection of grass into the basket.

In addition, the body is varnished in two layers with a primer !!!

A thick layer of paint protects against rust and does not lose color for many years.

The G-Force mower has a drive from the reputable company General Transmissions. This drive is reliable and without failures for many years.

The wheels in this model have bearings. Large wheels, front 20 cm and rear 30 cm, significantly facilitate mowing on uneven terrain. While mowing, we will not get stuck on holes and unevenness.

The mower basket with a capacity of 60 L is made of two elements, the upper part is made of plastic and the lower part is made of a strong nylon weave. In addition, the basket is equipped with a filling indicator and two handles to facilitate emptying the basket.

Height-adjustable handlebar, central 7-position cutting height adjustment and ergonomic handles make work easier and increase user comfort.

    Engine type: 4-STROKE, air-cooled
    Engine: Honda
    Engine model: GCV200
    Engine capacity: 200cc
    Drive: YES, General Transmissions
    Features: 4in1
    Height adjustment: central, 7 positions
    Mowing range: 2.5-7.5 cm
    Body: steel PRO
    The width of the body: 53 cm
    Fuel tank capacity: 1.0L
    Oil pan capacity: 0.47L
    Wheels with bearings: front 20 cm, rear 30 cm
    Basket: mesh - plastic
    Basket capacity: 60L
    Weight: 38.0 kg

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