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Ergonomic, compact housing and low weight make the device easy to transport and use. The quality of the materials and their perfect fit make working with the device a pleasure.

The AD-2200S PLUS can be started with a standard hand rope or with an electric starter using the Adler Mini power-400 power bank (the device is included with the generator).

The AD-2200S PLUS chiller is equipped with an advanced AVR module, automatic voltage regulation which additionally maintains a constant frequency (perfect sine wave), which allows you to power delicate electronic devices without fear of damaging them.

The AD-2200S PLUS unit has a DC 12V / 4A cigarette lighter socket that allows you to power devices such as portable refrigerators, etc., and two USB 5V / 1A and 5V / 2.1A sockets that allow you to charge phones, tablets and other modern devices directly from generator without the need for a charger.

The unit has an ECO mode that automatically adjusts the engine speed and thus the generated power to the powered device, thus saving fuel.

AD-2200S PLUS also has overload sensors and low oil level sensors to prevent damage to the device.

The AD-2200S PLUS is equipped with a parallel connector enabling (using a special cable (NOT INCLUDED)) parallel synchronization of two AD-2200S PLUS aggregates and thus doubling the output power.

Technical data:

    Model: Adler AD-2200S PLUS
    Product code: 3700.21
    Working / maximum power: 2.0 / 2.2 kW
    AC output:
    2 x 230V / 15.6A
    DC outputs:
    12V / 4A - Cigarette lighter socket
    5V / 1A - USB
    5V / 2.1A - USB
    Engine type: 4-SUW OHV
    Engine capacity (cm3): 114
    Cylinder capacity (mm): 56x46
    Fuel tank (l): 3.6
    Fuel type: unleaded gasoline
    Oil capacity (l): 0.5
    Oil type: SAE 10W30
    Boot Type:
    manual - string
    electric EC5 - Mini power-400 power bank
    Noise level (Lwa): 95
    Protection class: IP23M
    Weight (kg): 22
    Dimensions lxdxh (mm): 525 x 282 x 440

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