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Environmentally friendly self-propelled battery mower powered by 2 18 V batteries
    It allows you to mow a garden area of ​​up to 1900 m² with a single charge of 4 BL1860B batteries
    BLDC - brushless DC motor
    XPT technology - increased resistance to dust and moisture
    Soft no load - automatically reduces the engine speed depending on the load for a lower noise level
    Longer runtime thanks to 4 battery ports, switching between battery pairs with a switch
    Low noise mode - maintains a constant speed of 2,500 rpm, reducing the sound level
    10-step central cutting height adjustment with a lever
    Water resistance class IPX4
    Reinforced handle with easy access to the control panel with the main switch, low noise mode switch and battery charge indicator
    2-stage height adjustment of the handle
    3-stage battery level indicator, separate for each of the 4 batteries
    A solid steel casing increases the durability of the device
    Smooth speed control with a lever
    Wheels on ball bearings
    Wide wheels make it easier to drive the mower on a swampy or hilly terrain
    Grass catcher with fill level indicator
    Child lock lever
    3 functions: cutting, collecting and mulching
    2-tooth blade designed for both cutting and mulching
    Not compatible with BL1811G, BL1813G, BL1815G batteries (without electronics) and BL1815 battery (18 V / 1.3 Ah)
    Supplied without batteries and charger

Modes of operation:

    Cutting grass with a basket
    Cutting grass without a basket
    Collecting grass
    It has four slots for batteries to extend the working time
    The mower uses two batteries for operation at the same time, the set of batteries can be manually switched with the knob
    Up to 50 minutes of operation with the use of four batteries
    Not compatible with BL1811G, BL1813G, BL1815G batteries (without electronics)


    Cordless lawn mower with a cutting width of 46 cm, powered by 2 LXT 18V batteries
    BLDC - brushless DC motor
    XPT technology - increased resistance to dust and moisture
    ADT - Automatic Torque Drive Technology - automatically adjusts speed and torque during operation
    Efficient and energy-saving brushless motor allows mowing an area of ​​1800 m2 with the use of 4 LXT 18V 6.0Ah batteries
    2500 rpm quiet mode for operation in extremely noise-sensitive areas
    High performance mode with automatic speed and torque adjustment - ADT
    The soft start function gradually increases the speed to eliminate starting shock
    Constant speed control keeps the speed constant under load
    Soft rubberized handle designed to push the mower with ease
    Central cutting height adjustment
    Large grass catcher with a capacity of 60 liters with a full indicator
    Durable steel housing
Technical data:

    Supply voltage: 2 x 18 V
    Battery type: Li-ion
    Supported batteries: 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 Ah
    Rotation speed of the knife without load: 2500 - 3300 rpm
    Basket capacity: 60 l
    Cutting width: 46 cm
    Cutting height: 20 - 100 mm
    Cutting height adjustment: 10 steps
    Drive: wheel drive
    Speed: 2.5 - 5.0 km / h
    Housing: steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 1690 x 535 x 1095 mm
    Weight (EPTA): 35.3 - 39 kg

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