• Band saw table saw for metal 550W PROMA PPK-115UHC

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The PROMA PPK-115 UHC band saw is a precise tool for cutting metals of various degrees of hardness. With a built-in cooling system, it ensures optimal performance. Mobile and versatile, ideal for professional use. The high weight of the machine allows to maintain high rigidity during operation, reducing vibrations, thanks to which the cut element retains an ideal cutting surface.

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The PROMA PPK-115 UHC band saw is an advanced tool that stands out for its extreme precision and versatility. Designed for professional use, it enables precise cutting of all metals, from aluminum and its castings, through non-ferrous metals, to high-grade metals. It has a rotating head that allows you to cut at an angle from -45° (left) to  45° (right) Thanks to the built-in cooling system, the machine provides optimal cutting performance, which makes it irreplaceable in workshops and studios where precision is crucial. In addition, the PROMA PPK-115 UHC cutter is characterized by excellent performance with a small size and high mobility. Thanks to the swivel saw arm, it is possible to cut through material at different angles, which makes this tool extremely versatile. Cutting parameters are particularly important when working with profiled materials, where the recommended values for solid materials are 1/3 lower. An additional advantage is the presence of a hydraulic cylinder, which allows the saw arm to fall precisely, which translates into even greater control over the cutting process. This tool is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for professionals striving for perfection in their work.



Bevel cutting 90°, 60°, +/-45 °
Quick-change vise yes
Scales 87 kg
Connected load 550 watts
Tension 230 V
Belt transmission yes
Cutting speed 20 - 29 - 51 m/min.
Tape size 1640 x 13 x 0.65 mm
Arm drop actuator yes
Swivel arm yes
Cooling system yes

Maximum Cutting Dimensions

Angle | Cut shape
90° 100 x 150 mm
100 x 100 mm
Ø128 mm
60° 90 x 75 mm
75 x 75 mm
Ø90 mm
45° 55 x 55 mm
55 x 55 mm
Ø55 mm
-45° (L)
90 x 75 mm
90 x 90 mm
Ø90 mm


Basic equipment

  • quick-clamping sliding vise
  • cutting band (1 pc.)
  • metal base with a height of 600 mm
  • Cooling system
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