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The Easy windshield repair kit allows you to repair windshields and glass headlamps in an easy, quick and, above all, cheap way. Perfect for the liquidation of cracks and chips resulting from, for example, a stone impact. It works well when repairing chipping and small longitudinal cracks, it effectively stops further cracking of the glass. After application and drying, the adhesive becomes transparent, making the repaired area practically invisible.
Product Characteristics:

    an easy, quick and cheap way to repair cracks and chipping
    the set is reusable
    effectively stops further cracking of the glass, reducing the stress at the crack site
    After drying, the glue becomes colorless, thanks to which the repaired place is practically imperceptible
    safe to use

Directions for use:
1. In the case of a circular fracture:

    Place the applicator on the glass with the suction cups. The center hole should be above the crack.
    Screw the sleeve with the screw into the central hole of the applicator in such a way that its end touches the center of the crack more tightly.
    Remove the bolt from the sleeve.
    Put the appropriate amount of glue in the applicator.
    Screw in and out the plunger several times so that the glue can get into as many corners as possible
    Peel off the applicator.
    Apply the protective foil and iron it to avoid glue leakage, it is important that there are no air bubbles under the foil - the glue should dry after a few minutes. After this time, tear off the foil.
    Use the attached razor blade to remove the excess glue.
    In case of any problems with gluing, the gaps that are not completely filled should be filled with glue again, the glue should be secured with foil and continued according to the previous instructions.

2. In the case of a longitudinal crack:

    Place glue along the crack without using the applicator.
    Apply a protective foil along the entire length.
    The glue should dry after a few minutes. After this time, tear off the foil.
    Use the attached razor blade to remove the excess glue.

The effectiveness of the adhesive is greater when it is applied at room temperature. It is recommended to use the product

outdoors on a sunny day.

The effectiveness of the product may be limited if the crack is longer than approx. 15 cm, extends along the edge of the glass in two places or is located on the inside of the glass.
Kit Contents:

    Glue dispenser
    Ring with suction cups
    Repair adhesive
    Leveling foils
    Razor blade with safe grip
    Instructions in Polish
    Original packaging

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