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FORSAGE 35T Pneumatic-Hydraulic Lift - Excellent performance for lifting heavy loads!

The FORSAGE pneumatic-hydraulic lift with a capacity of 35 tons is a tool that allows you to effectively lift and hold heavy loads. Thanks to the use of advanced pneumatic-hydraulic technology, it is an ideal solution for tasks related to vehicle repairs, work in car workshops and other industrial applications.

Product main features:

  • 35-ton load capacity: The lift is able to lift and hold loads weighing up to 35 tons, making it an indispensable tool in professional applications.

  • Pneumatic-hydraulic technology: The combination of pneumatic thrust and hydraulic lifting ensures reliability and efficiency during operation.

  • Solid construction: The lift is made of durable materials, which guarantees its durability and reliability.

  • Adjustable Height: Adjustable lifting height allows you to adapt the device to specific tasks and needs.

  • Safety: The lift is equipped with safety mechanisms that protect the user and the load.

FORSAGE The 35T Pneumatic-Hydraulic Lift is a tool that works perfectly in a professional environment. Whether you repair vehicles or work in industry, this lift will provide you with reliability and efficiency.

Choose FORSAGE and get a tool you can always rely on when lifting heavy loads!



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