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KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Gasoline Generator 5.0kW 230V KS 7000E - High Power Power Source

The KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Gasoline Generator 5.0kW 230V KS 7000E is an efficient power source with high power, ideal for a variety of applications such as camping, recreational plots or construction work. Here are the main features of this generator:

  • High Power: The generator has a maximum power of 5.5 kW and a nominal power of 5.0 kW, which allows it to power multiple devices at the same time.

  • Electric Start: Equipped with electric start (electrostarter) for easy starting.

  • AVR Voltage Stabilization: The advanced voltage stabilization (AVR) system ensures stable current, which is important for electronic and electrical devices.

  • Safety: Features a thermal shutdown and no oil shutdown to protect the generator from damage in the event of overheating or lack of oil.

  • Indicators and Counters: Equipped with an electronic display with a voltmeter, frequency indicator and hour meter, which makes it easy to monitor the operation of the device.

  • Large Fuel Tank: The fuel tank has a capacity of 25 liters, which allows for long-term use without the need for frequent refueling.

  • Low Noise Level: Despite its power, the generator keeps a relatively low noise level, which is beneficial in places where quiet operation is required.

KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Gasoline Power Generator 5.0kW 230V KS 7000E is a solid and reliable source of energy that will work in various situations. Thanks to its high power and advanced functions, it can be used both at home and professionally.

Maximum power 5.5 kW
nominal power 5.0 kW
rated current 23,8 A
Tension ~230V / 12V 1-phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Type Synchronous
Voltage stabilization AVR
Winding type Copper
Electric start Electric starter
Thermal switch Yes
Low oil switch Yes
Fuse on the control panel Yes
electronic display Yes (with voltmeter, frequency indicator, hour meter)
Equipment 1 x 16A/230V; 1 x 32A/230V; 1 x 12V DC
Fuel gauge Yes
Engine Gasoline 4-stroke OHV
Engine power 13KM
Engine capacity 390 cm³
Engine oil SAE 10W-30
Oil sump capacity 1,1 l
Cooling air
Fuel Type 95 unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 25 l
Fuel consumption at 50% 1,4 l/h
Working time without refueling at 50% 18 h
Noise level (at 7m) 69 dB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 680 x 545 x 550 mm
Libra 72 kg




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