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KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Diesel Generator 6.0kW 230V KS 8100HDE (EURO V) - Efficiency in Action

The KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Diesel Generator KS 8100HDE (EURO V) is a robust and powerful power source that is ideal for both home and professional use. Designed with reliability and performance in mind, this generator meets the highest quality standards.

Main features:

  1. Powerful Diesel Engine: This generator is equipped with a 14.0 hp 456cc diesel engine, which guarantees a stable power supply.

  2. High Power: It has a maximum power of 6.5 kW and a nominal power of 6.0 kW, which allows you to power multiple devices at the same time.

  3. Voltage and Frequency: The generator supplies 230V and operates at 50Hz, which is suitable for many applications.

  4. High-capacity Fuel Tank: It has a 1.65 liter fuel tank, which allows for long-term operation without the need for frequent refueling.

  5. Multifunctional LED Display: Equipped with an LED display that monitors voltage, frequency and hour meter, which makes it easy to control the operation of the generator.

  6. AVR Voltage Regulator: The AVR voltage regulation system ensures a stable and safe power supply, protecting connected devices from voltage spikes.

  7. Convenient Starting: The generator can be started both manually and electrically, which increases its usefulness.

  8. Pre-start heating: Thanks to the pre-start heating function, the generator can work in various weather conditions.

  9. Solid Construction: The solid and durable construction and the frame with a diameter of 32 mm make the generator stable and easy to transport.

  10. Low Noise Level: Although powerful, the generator maintains a relatively low noise level, which makes it suitable even for home use.

KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Diesel Generator KS 8100HDE is a reliable source of energy that is ready to work in various conditions. Whether you need power during a power outage or are working on a construction site, this generator will meet your expectations.

Voltage, V 230
Maximum Power, V 6.5
Nominal power, V 6.0
Frequency, Hz 50
Current, A (max) 26
Sockets 1x32A, 1x16A
LED display Voltage, frequency, hour meter
Noise level at a distance of 7 m, dB 96
12v outlet, A 12/8.3
engine model KS 480HD
Engine type Diesel, 4-suwowy
Output power, hp 14.0
Oil tank capacity, l 1.65
Engine capacity, cm3 456
Voltage regulator AVR
Activation Manual/Electric
Power factor cos? 1.0
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 765x530x630
Frame diameter 32 mm, rounded
Accumulator, Ah thirty
Pre-start heating +
Weight, kg 117




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