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KÖNNER & SÖHNEN Petrol Tiller 9KM 125/35 9HP-1350G-3 (400) - Work Effectively on the Plot

The KÖNNER & SÖHNEN 9HP-1350G-3 (400) diesel tiller is a professional tool that will facilitate work on your plot, in the garden or in the field. Equipped with a 9.0 hp petrol engine and a wide working depth, this tiller will help you prepare the soil for planting plants or vegetables.

Main features:

  1. Powerful Engine: The tiller is powered by a 9.0 hp petrol engine, which provides enough power to work in a variety of conditions.

  2. Working Width: It has a working width of 125 cm, which allows it to quickly and efficiently dig through large areas of earth.

  3. Maximum Working Depth: It can reach a maximum working depth of 35cm, which is ideal for pre-planting soil preparation.

  4. Large Capacity Tanks: A 6.0 liter fuel tank and 1.1 liter oil tank allow you to work longer without interruption.

  5. Multiple Speeds: The tiller has multiple speeds, including +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, allowing you to adjust the speed to the type of soil and work.

  6. Reverse function: With the reverse function, you can easily reverse the machine, making it easy to maneuver and change direction.

  7. Handle adjustment: The handles can be adjusted vertically, which ensures comfort of work for the user.

  8. Low Noise Level: Despite the high power, the tiller keeps a relatively low noise level, which is user-friendly.

  9. Weight and Dimension: The net weight is 102 kg and the gross weight is 110 kg, which makes the tiller stable and solidly made.

The KÖNNER & SÖHNEN 9HP-1350G-3 (400) petrol powered tiller is an indispensable tool for the gardener and farmer, which significantly facilitates work on soil cultivation. The reliability and power of this machine will allow you to achieve excellent results in work in the field or in the garden.

engine model KS 290
Engine power, hp 9.0
Engine capacity, cm3 269
Engine type Petrol
Processing width, cm 125
Maximum processing depth, cm 35
Fuel tank capacity, l 6.0
Oil tank capacity, l 1.1
The amount of oil in the gearbox, l 1.5
Transmission Bevel gear per axle
Drive type Directly to the gearbox
Number of speeds +3 +2 +1 0 -1
Reverse function +
Handle adjustment vertical
Sound power level Lpa/Lwa, dB 74/99
Net weight, kg 102
Gross weight, kg 110
Included KS RW40


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