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The Nivel System NL540 is a multi-purpose rotating laser providing versatile general construction applications. Work can be carried out inside and outside the building with the sensor.

The generated plane provides references for horizontal and vertical works, the laser plane can be tilted (digitally) in one or two directions.

The equipment ensures high accuracy of the performed works, even over long distances and in difficult field conditions. The equipment is user-friendly thanks to an intuitive interface with an LCD display.

Its strong point is durability and resistance to weather conditions as well as efficient lithium-ion batteries, ensuring several dozen hours of continuous work in the field.

The equipment is user-friendly thanks to an intuitive interface and the possibility of remote operation using a remote control with an LCD display


The NL540 level has an auto-leveling feature, after turning on the equipment will level up by itself and immediately be ready for work. The generated red laser beam is very well visible, displayed on the wall forms a reference for horizontal or vertical works. When working with a sensor and a laser staff, we obtain an accurate leveling set, measurements are made one-man. The scanning function allows you to narrow the displayed beam within a given range, thus we obtain a reference laser line only where we carry out work.

The equipment allows you to work with both a horizontal and a vertical beam. The plane can be tilted in one or two directions (digital - LCD), thanks to which the laser can be used for such works as pouring floors, or leveling and preparing surfaces for paving stones, playground or road - ensuring water drainage in accordance with the designed slopes.

In the case of work outside and at greater ranges, a laser sensor is used that provides the possibility of receiving a signal in the range of 500 m (working diameter). Different head rotation speeds ensure the use of the laser both for installation works inside the building, for outdoor leveling and for machine control, where speeds (600 rpm) are required.

    land leveling - leveling
    masonry works - internal and external (foundations, walls, stairs, screeds, formwork)
    paving works - construction of parking lots, driveways, terraces
    assembly and finishing works - assembly of wooden and aluminum structures, suspended ceilings, glazing
    installation work - marking the line of wires, transferring points
    carpentry work - furniture, buildings
    horticulture, agriculture
    machine operation control - laser systems

You can see everything with the naked eye - the red color of the laser is so intense that inside the building the beam projected onto the object is clearly visible even at a distance of several dozen meters from the station

Even greater operating range - working in the open space at a distance of 500 m (diameter) is possible thanks to the laser sensor, which improves leveling and increases its accuracy

Quick self-leveling - the compensator quickly and accurately levels the instrument, and the "movement" alarm of the leveler eliminates erroneous measurements when the instrument was inadvertently knocked down and leveled

One-person operation - only one person is needed to operate the level and determine the difference in height

Everything in the package - the level is delivered as standard with a group of practical accessories supporting the work (laser sensor, laser staff holder, remote control, batteries, charger, laser glasses, laser target, transport case)

Work in all conditions - the solid protection of the rotating head protects this most important element of the level against mechanical damage, and the sealed housing meets the IP54 standard, allowing you to work in rain and dust

Technical data:

    Light source - red laser (635 nm), class 2
    Accuracy - ± 1.0 mm / 10 m
    Working range - 500 m (with a laser sensor)
    Tilt of planes - ± 10% (X axis, Y axis), manual
    Scanning - 0-10 ° -45 ° -90 ° -180 °
    Remote control - yes, with LCD
    Self-leveling range - ± 5 °
    Power supply - DC 8.4V (1000mA), Li-ion 7.4V (4000mAh)
    Working time - approx. 50 hours
    Resistance class - IP54
    Working temperature range - -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
    Dimensions - 206 x 206 x 211 mm
    Weight - 3.0 kg

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