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LIMIT Steel Hardness Tester 4300 - Precise Measuring Device

LIMIT Steel Hardness Tester 4300 is a portable measuring device designed to precisely measure the hardness of the most common metals, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. This versatile hardness tester offers numerous measurement options, making it an invaluable tool in many industrial fields.

Precise Measurement in Various Scales

LIMIT The hardness tester allows you to measure hardness in various scales, including Rockwell B and C, Vickers and Brinell. Thanks to this, you can adjust the measurement to a specific need and type of material.

Probe Separated from Instrument

One of the distinguishing features of this device is the probe separated from the main body, which allows measurements to be taken even in hard-to-reach places. This is extremely useful, especially when dealing with large or bulky materials.

Ease of Use

LIMIT The hardness tester is easy to use. Just select the appropriate scale, impact force and material code, place the probe on the material, release the spring mechanism, and then read the result. This makes hardness measurement quick and precise.

Technical data

Time 4.00 kg
Measurement range Brinell HB 80-647, Rockwell HRB 38-100, Rockwell HRC 20-68, Vickers HV 80-940
Dimensions 120x60x28 mm
Battery type AAA (1.5 V)
Number of batteries 4
Size of the package 304x200x98 mm
Quantity in package 1
Code EAN 7311662195762
Weight with packaging 4.00 kg

LIMIT Steel Hardness Tester 4300 is an irreplaceable tool for people working with various metal materials. Its precise measurements, versatility and portable design make it an ideal choice for industrial professionals and DIY enthusiasts.



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