• M80686 COMPRESSOR 300L W-0,9 / 8 W3090 / 400V

The Symbol : M80686

M80686 COMPRESSOR 300L W-0,9 / 8 W3090 / 400V

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Power Mains 400V
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The components are made of the highest quality materials.

Cast iron cylinders and aluminum compressor heads are equipped with ribs, heat dissipating heat sinks are mounted on the pressure pipes connecting the cylinders, which translated into more efficient heat dissipation generated during compressor operation.

The whole structure has been supplemented with a large pulley with cooling blades placed on it.

One inch cast iron check valve with capacity up to 1,200 l / min.

The non-return valve is connected by a pipe with a pressure relief valve installed in the compressor switch, thanks to this solution the compressor always starts without pressure load

  •     suction capacity: 1150 L-min
  •     effective capacity: 900 L-min
  •     compressor working pressure: 6 - 8 bar
  •     engine power: 7.5 kw
  •     tank capacity: 300 liters
  •     number of working seats: 2 quick couplings + ball valve
  •     power supply 400v / 50 Hz
  •     volume: 97 dB
  •     weight: about 200 kg
  •     piston arrangement: W.
  •     number of pistons: 3
  •     diameter of the pistons: 90 mm
  •     built-in starting decompressor: YES
  •     induction motor: YES
  •     built-in safety valve!
  •     lubrication: splash.

Pressure switch equipped with:

    Two pressure outputs (quick couplings).
    Pressure gauge showing the current pressure in the cylinder.
    Ball valve with high air capacity ideal for pneumatic wrenches.
    Safety valve certified to EN ISO 4126.
    Check valve with automatic decompressor.
    Additionally, the decompressor mounted between the compressor heads, which facilitates the start-up of the device.

Possibility of direct attachment of accessories to the cylinder

    In this way, we gain access to a large and immediate amount of air, unlimited by a switch or filter.
    It is perfect for blowing out, inflating truck tires, or powering large pneumatic wrenches
    the perfect solution for the supply of the most demanding pneumatic wrenches. Large unrestricted air flow

Ability to drain condensate (water)

    the compressor is equipped with a condensate drain valve, located at the bottom of the tank, facilitates emptying the cylinder from the water contained in it

    User manual PL
    CE declaration of conformity
    Device documentation for UDT

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