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MTD Optima ME 66 T Petrol Snowblower: Powerful Performance with a Track Drive

Discover the unrivaled power of the MTD Optima ME 66 T Petrol Snow Thrower, the only model with a tracked drive in the MTD brand offer. Powered by the efficient MTD SnowThorX winter engine, this snow blower not only provides impressive power, but also confident start and easy operation.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Track Drive: The unique track drive makes the ME 66 T perfect for removing snow from large loose surfaces, such as gravel or crushed stone.

Efficient Winter Engine:

  • MTD SnowThorX engine: The overhead valve MTD SnowThorX winter engine guarantees not only performance, but also reliable starting even in difficult conditions.

  • Electric Starter: The electric starter allows you to start the engine using a 230V socket, ensuring a reliable start of the machine.

Advanced Features and Easy Operation:

  • 6-Speed ​​Forward and 2-Reverse Drive: The tracks are powered by a drive with six forward and two reverse speeds, providing versatility and ease of maneuvering.

  • Steering Assistance and Differential Lock: Steering assistance and differential lock make operating the device extremely easy and comfortable.

  • Balance System: The balance system allows the rotor housing to be adjusted in four positions, adapting to different surfaces such as gravel and stones.

High Snow Clearing Efficiency:

  • Snow Clearing Height: The rotor allows you to remove snow up to 53 cm high on a 66 cm wide strip.

  • Adjustable Ejector: The ejector is adjustable in four directions using a joystick, allowing you to precisely direct the snow being removed.

Comfort and Safety:

  • Reflector: An integrated reflector in the handle allows work in the dark, increasing functionality and safety.

Forget about the difficulties of winter snow removal with the MTD Optima ME 66 T Petrol Snow Blower. Buy now and experience the power of the caterpillar drive when removing snow!

Engine (model name) MTD Snow ThorX 75 OHV
Engine (type, capacity) 4-suw, 420 cm3
Rated power (kW/min-1) 5.9 kW / 3600 min-1
Start Manual + electric 230V
Fuel tank capacity 4.7 l
Drive Yes, caterpillars
Number of drive gears 6 forwards, 2 backwards
Differential Yes
Steering support Yes, Easy Turn function
Wheel size Not applicable
Working width 66 cm
Working height 53 cm
Rotor type Xtreme (steel, gear)
Throwing distance (approx.) Up to 13 m
Throw angle adjustment 4-way joystick
Throw angle 200°
Reflector Yes
Weight (kg) 110 kg
Additional information Steel, sliding runners, balance system (4 options)




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