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MTD OPTIMA ME 76 Petrol Snow Blower: Power and Efficiency for Large Areas

MTD OPTIMA ME 76 petrol snow blower is the largest model in the OPTIMA range of the MTD brand, designed for effective removal of large amounts of snow on wide surfaces. Equipped with advanced functions, this two-stage giant enables effective and quick snow removal, even from parking areas or storage yards.

Main features:

  • Two-Stage Rotor: The machine's two-stage rotor throws snow up to fifteen meters away, allowing it to effectively clean areas 76 cm wide and 53 cm high.

  • Throw Direction Adjustment: The snow throw direction can be adjusted within 200° using a four-way joystick located in the handle, providing full control over the snow removal process.

  • MTD SnowThorX engine: The MTD SnowThorX winter combustion engine guarantees high efficiency and reliable starting in difficult winter conditions.

  • Electric Start: Additionally equipped with electric start, enabling the engine to be started using a 230V power source.

  • Gear Drive: Driven by six forward and two reverse gears, the snow blower is easy to operate and effective in a variety of terrain conditions.

  • Snow Hog Tires: The wheels of the machine are equipped with tires with Snow Hog tread, ensuring excellent grip on snow-covered surfaces.

  • Easy-Turn Steering Assist: Steering assistance is controlled by levers on the handles, allowing for easy maneuvering even in difficult conditions.

  • Differential Lock: The differential lock allows the clutch to be locked, making it easier to change the snow throw direction or machine speed.

  • Rotor Position Adjustment: The balance system allows the rotor housing to be adjusted in four positions, adapting to different types of surfaces.

Advanced Features for Effective Snow Clearing:

  • 4-Way Ejector Adjustment: A joystick built into the control panel allows four-way ejector adjustment from the operator's position, even during operation.

  • Easy-Turn Steering Assist: Levers on the handles allow you to easily maneuver the snow thrower for comfort and control.

Summary: MTD OPTIMA ME 76 Petrol Snow Blower is a powerful tool for removing snow over large areas. With its advanced features and rugged construction, it is ideal for larger-scale snow removal tasks.

Engine (model name) MTD Snow ThorX 90 OHV
Engine (type, capacity) 4-suw, 357 cm3
Rated power (kW/min-1) 7.4 kW / 3600 min-1
Start Manual + electric 230V
Fuel tank capacity 4.7 l
Drive Yes
Number of drive gears 6 forwards, 2 backwards
Differential Yes
Steering support Yes, Easy Turn function
Wheel size 16" x 6.5"
Working width 76 cm
Working height 53 cm
Rotor type Xtreme (steel, gear)
Throwing distance (approx.) Up to 15 m
Throw angle adjustment 4-way joystick
Throw angle 200°
Reflector Yes
Weight (kg) 111 kg
Additional information Steel sliding runners




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