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NIVEL System Laser Level NL520 - Precision and Multifunctionality

Nivel System NL520 Laser Level is a versatile tool that allows you to carry out a variety of works both indoors and outdoors. Here's why you should choose this level:


NL520 is a laser level that allows you to create horizontal, inclined, vertical planes (after rotating it by 90°) and determine the vertical or perpendicular angles thanks to a plumb bob. This tool is versatile and useful in a wide variety of construction applications.

Precision and Visibility

The NL520 level emits a red laser beam that is clearly visible in various lighting conditions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your measurements are precise and accurate.

Complete set

The set includes everything you need to work with the NL520 level, including an RD700 laser sensor with a staff holder, an RC-5 remote control, lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a laser target, laser glasses, an instruction manual and a transport case. This is a complete set that makes work on the construction site easier.

  • NL520 - laser level - 1 pc.
  • RD700 - laser sensor + NL-BR - patch holder - 1 pc.
  • RC-5 - remote control - 1 pc.
  • LI-ION BATTERY - Lithium-ion batteries - 1 set
  • CH-6 - charger - 1 set
  • TR-R - laser target - 1 set
  • GL-R - laser glasses - 1 set
  • User manual - 1 pc.
  • Transport case - 1 pc.

Usefulness in general construction works

The NL520 is the ideal tool for general construction work. You can use it for leveling, horizontal and vertical measurements and determining angles. This tool increases the efficiency of construction work and helps achieve professional results.

NIVEL System Laser Level NL520 is a complete tool set that provides precision and versatility in a variety of construction tasks. Equipped with a red laser beam and numerous accessories, it is ready to operate in various conditions and applications.

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