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SOLA Laser Plano 3D Green Professional - Advanced 3D laser for precise measurements

Reliability and accuracy are the features that distinguish SOLA Laser Plano 3D Green Professional. This professional 3D laser is an essential tool for anyone who wants perfect measurement results. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and high-quality components, SOLA Laser Plano 3D provides not only unparalleled precision, but also comfort of use.

technical specifications:

Dimensions 120 x 65 x 105 mm
Leveling Self-levelling
Measurement tolerance +/- 0,20 mm/m
Self-leveling range +/- 4 st.
Range without handheld receiver (radius) 25 m
Range with handheld receiver (radius) 80 m
working temperature -10°C do +50°C
Mounting on a tripod 1/4"
Level of security IP54
Power Batteries 3 x 1.5V (AA)
Working time (at 20°C) 30 h
Output power < 5,0 mV
Wavelength 635 nm


Product advantages:

  1. Measurement precision : With a measurement tolerance of only +/- 0.20 mm/m, SOLA Laser Plano 3D guarantees accuracy you can always rely on.

  2. Wide self-leveling range : The self-leveling range within +/- 4 degrees ensures easy adjustment of the device to field conditions.

  3. Long-lasting operation on a single charge : With 3 x 1.5V (AA) batteries and low power consumption, the laser can work for an impressive 30 hours at 20°C.

  4. Range and Versatility : The range without the handheld receiver is 25 m, and with the handheld receiver - up to 80 m, which makes the Plano 3D Green Professional laser the ideal choice for a variety of applications.

  5. Durability in all conditions : IP54 rating protects the laser from dust and water, so you can use it in harsh environments with confidence.

Accessories included:

  1. Battery Adapter : A useful accessory that allows you to charge your battery easily and conveniently.

  2. Magnetic mount : The sturdy magnetic mount allows the laser to be easily attached to a variety of metal surfaces.

  3. Batteries 3 x 1.5 V (AA) : The set includes batteries that will ensure that the device is ready to work right out of the box.

  4. Carrying case : A sturdy carrying case protects the device from damage during storage or transport.

SOLA Laser Plano 3D Green Professional is not just a tool, but an investment in reliability and precision. With advanced features, excellent build quality and a complete set of accessories, this laser is ready to meet even the most demanding measurement tasks.



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