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EXPERT TIG 210 AC / DC PFC is a portable power source, made in the IGBT technology, intended for TIG and TIG PULS welding with alternating current (AC), direct (DC), mixed (MIX) and MMA with a coated electrode. The small size and weight make the device perfect for both workshop and field work.

The device has welding modes: TIG AC, TIG AC PULS, TIG DC, TIG DC PULS, TIG MIX, TIG POINT, TIG 2-LEVEL, MMA.

The TIG AC and TIG AC PULS functions are used for welding aluminum steels. The TIG DC and TIG DC PULS functions are used for welding stainless steel, carbon and low-alloy steel, copper and titanium. Welding takes place in an inert gas shield.

TIG MIX function: this special method of TIG welding, based on the combination of direct and alternating current, enables full penetration and effective cleaning when welding aluminum.

TIG SPOT function: allows for tacking thin materials.

TIG 2-LEVEL function: "2-level" current control enables switching between the higher and lower current level by pressing the button on the torch repeatedly.

Thanks to the regulation of the TIG PULS pulse welding parameters, we have an influence on the shape of the weld and the focus of the arc. Pulse welding also allows you to reduce the amount of heat supplied to the material and is used when welding thin materials.

The arc ignition takes place in the non-contact (HF) or touch (LIFT) mode. The LIFT function is used during welding in an environment with a high risk of an influence of electromagnetic disturbances on the environment.

Both with HF non-contact ignition and LIFT touch ignition, we have the option of selecting the button function in the TIG torch between 2-step or 4-step operation (button lock for long welds).

A legible and easy-to-use digital control panel enables precise adjustment of the device, ensures stable parameters and high quality of welding.

Physical parameters

    Protection degree IP23S
    Weight 10 kg
    Overall dimensions L x W x H 430x160x300 mm
Technical specifications

    Up-slope time (s) 0 - 10 s
    Down-slope time (s) 0 - 15 s
    Pulse frequency Hz 0.2 - 500 Hz
    Pulse length (%) 5 - 95%
    Gas after (s) 0.1 - 60 s
    Gas before (s) 0.01 - 9.99 s
    Power 5.7 kW
    Idle voltage 60 V TIG / 13.2 V MMA (VRD)
    Final current 10 - 210 A.
    Maximum current 210 A - 60%
    The current at work 100% 115 A @ 40 degrees C.
    Current at work 60% 210 A.
    Starting current 3 - 210 A.
    Welding electrode diameter 1.6 - 4.0 mm
    Welding current adjustment range 3 - 210 A (TIG DC) / 5 - 210 A (TIG AC) / 10 - 170 A (MMA)

Power parameters

    Mains protection 16 A "C"
    Rated supply voltage 230 V; 50Hz (1ph)

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