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Construction tools are the perfect choice for the hobbyist and professional


Construction tools available in our store are always worth buying when you want to enjoy reliable and durable equipment for a long time. They are a great choice for everyone, both a professional who performs renovation or demolition works on a daily basis, and an amateur who loves to DIY and carry out small works on their own.


In our assortment you will find solid and functional construction tools for:

  • mixing mortars ÔÇô concrete mixers or mixers;
  • erecting walls ÔÇô trowels, battens;
  • finishing works, including laying floor and wall tiles or painting ÔÇô table saws, spacers, brushes, rollers and trays, as well as tarpaulins and protective films;
  • installation of roofing materials ÔÇô burners for roofing felt;
  • removal of excess moisture from rooms ÔÇô air dryers;
  • power generation in order to gain access to light on the construction site ÔÇô power generators.


Why choose the construction tools we offer?


You will find construction tools from renowned companies such as Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee and Toya. If you choose them, you will be able to carry out the work efficiently and effectively, without worrying that electrical appliances will quickly fail.


In addition to selling tools, we provide professional advice, so you can buy equipment that meets your expectations. Familiarize yourself with our assortment and choose a professional and reliable partner.

Construction Tools - MB Mega

Construction Tools: Essential Equipment for Every Construction Worker

MB Mega offers professional construction tools that are essential for any construction project. Our tools are selected with industry needs in mind, guaranteeing efficiency, durability and precision.

FAQ: Questions & Answers

  • What hand tools are necessary on a construction site?
    Basic tools such as hammers, crowbars, trowels are crucial in any construction project. They provide the basic functionality you need for your daily tasks.
  • What are measuring tools used for in construction?
    Measuring tools such as spirit levels and tape measures are essential for accurate dimensioning and leveling of structures.
  • What construction accessories are necessary on the construction site?
    Practical accessories such as spades, shovels and rubble bags are essential for the efficient management of materials and waste on the construction site.

Application of Construction Tools in Practice

Construction tools from our offer are used in many aspects of construction, from erecting walls, to finishing and renovations. The use of high-quality tools has a significant impact on the quality of work performed and safety on the construction site.