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Fibre Discs at MB Mega: Efficiency and Precision in Grinding

At MB Mega, we offer fibre discs that are irreplaceable in the process of professional grinding. Our fibre discs are designed for efficient material removal and are ideal for working with metals, wood and other hard surfaces.

Properties and Applications of MB Mega Fibre Discs

The fibre discs available from MB Mega are characterised by high sanding performance and a long service life. They are ideal for intensive sanding work, offering precision and efficiency.

Advantages of fibre discs

  • High material removal capacity.
  • Durability and seizure resistance.
  • Easy to install on angle grinders.

MB Mega Customer Guide

  • Choose a fibre disc with the right grit size for the material and type of work.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment when working with grinders.
  • Check the condition of the puck regularly to ensure safety and efficiency.
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